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The Wow!10too is a simplified version of the Wow!10. The hydrofoils are fixed in position. They curve upward and outward from the waterline. The attack angles are +6º. To alter the attack angle the skipper moves his body forward or aft. To alter the foil depth of immersion the skipper moves to leeward to increase the heel angle. When sailed flat, the hydrofoils do not contact the water if the sea is flat. The hydrofoils can be removed for very light winds. On the gunwales forward and aft of the hydrofoils there are buoyant volumes to provide anti-heeling assistance. The beam at the waterline is narrow to reduce form drag. The bottom is flat to enhance planing. Sail area is 96 (9 sq meter) square feet. Options for sail areas of 75 and 119 square feet are also available. For the 75 square foot option there is a shorter (athwartships) hydrofoil available and a longer one for the 11 square meter option. The longer hydrofoils enhance the level arm of the skipper hiking out.

Orthogonal Views

In progress.