The Wow!10 is a ten foot sailing dinghy. It is about the size of a windsurfer or SUP.  It's hull weighs 45 pounds.  It has a beam at the deck of about four feet and a beam at the water line of about a foot and a half.  Hydrofoils are used for stability and anti-heeling and can be adjusted for attack angle and depth of immersion, allowing a wide variety of modes of operation for various weather and points of sail.  Also,  the rotation of the mast can be used to automatically set the attack angles of the starboard and port hydrofoils.  The standard sail area is the same as that of the RS Aero® rig 9, i.e. 9 sq. meters.  Options for 5, 7 and 11 sq. meters will also be available.  The narrow waterline beam allows the boat to knife through the water with minimum drag, and the shape of the bottom is ideal for planing.  Note that there is no daggerboard.  The foil struts are used to control leeway.  



The overall size of ten feet length is appropriate for all ages, and particularly good for teenagers.


The hydofoils slide into slots in the hull shown below enabling modes for fully retracted (running), foiling, planing, stability, leeway control and anti-heeling.  Also, the hydrofoils can be replaced by wheel assemblies avoiding the need for a dolly.  

Boat 10 Isometric r2.jpg


Fundamental Concept

The fundamental concept of the Wow!10 is that adjusting the attack angles and depths of immersion of the hydrofoils can be used to optimize the performance of the boat just as trimming sails optimizes performance.  These adjustments allow the use of very large sail area and therefore increased speed, while maintaining stability.  One of the great advantages of the hydrofoils is that the righting force they produce increases with wind speed and thus boat speed, which is tantamount to having the weight of the skipper hiking out increase as the boat goes faster.