Sunfish + Hydrofoils

The Sunfish is shown with anti-heeling apparatuses mounted on the hull.  The hydrofoils are shown inserted in the hydrofoil holders for starboard tack operation. In this position, the starboard hydrofoil generates negative lift.

The port hydrofoil, which produces positive lift, also combats heeling and decreases the apparent weight of the boat. This hydrofoil is shown by the dotted lines.  

With increasing winds the hydrofoils need not be depoyed until heeling compensation by hiking out no longer keeps the boat upright. 


Sunfish + Hydrofoils + Large Sail 

The Sunhawk14S is Sunfish hull equipped with the anti-heeling apparatus and a traditional lateen rig but with a much, much larger sail area, taller mast, and a longer daggerboard than the standard Sunfish.  In the drawing the hydrofoils are set for starboard operation.  The basic concept of using very large sail areas is that as sail area is increased, if the increased drag of the hydrofoils is less than the increased driving force of the larger sail, boat speed will increase.

Using a lateen rig, the gooseneck can be moved forward or aft to adjust for varying wind speeds and weather helm force, and the halyard attachment to the upper spar can be moved up or down to accommodate racing or recreational sailing.

This sailplan shown is favored for most wind speeds.  In very high wind conditions, the normal Sunfish rig can be substituted for the one shown. 

The image below shows the latest design of the Wow!!10cat