Cheater's Race

Great for windless days!

  1. There are five different ways of illegally propelling a boat.  In the cheater’s race all of these techniques are legal.                                                                                                                    

Pumping - repeatedly fanning the sail

Rocking - repeatedly rolling the boat

Ooching - sudden forward body movement followed by a suddene stop

Scullling - pushing the tiller back and forth

Repeated tacks or gybes - unrelated to wind conditions, especially roll tacks

Balloon on Upper Spar

Each boat ties a balloon to the sail head with a two foot length of string and is equipped with a popper, usually a paint stirrer with a small nail driven through the end.

  1. Usually there are two kids per boat.  

  2. The boats go through the starting line and around the race course.  Somewhere before the finish, each boat must capsize and pop its balloon.

Pass the Passenger

This game can be played with two kids per boat or one. The boats are arranged in two or more teams. There are at least two boats per team. One boat from each team starts with a passenger.


  1. Somewhere between the starting line and the finish line, the passenger must be transferred to all the boats on the team.

  2. The first boat finishing with the passenger wins.

  3. Racing rules apply.

  4. Either a standard start or a Le Mans start (starting from the beach and passing though the starting line) is used.